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    Seattle Launches New Interactive Map That Shows Where To Get Food During The Coronavirus Crisis

    The City of Seattle just launched a new online map that allows you to find out where to get food during the...

    How To Track Packages With Google Maps

    You can now track packages sent to you from anywhere in the world using Google Maps. ...

    Google Maps Unveils New Traffic Lights Feature

    With billions of users worldwide, it's no secret that Google Maps is one of the most popular apps in the world, and...

    Google Maps Offers More Accurate AR Directions And Live View In Location Sharing

    Google just announced that is introducing new updates to its Google Maps app that will allow users to get more out of...

    How To See Fires On Google Maps With Its New Wildfire Tracking Feature

    Google Maps recently launched a new wildfire boundary map in both its Maps app and in Google Search that allows you to...

    Google Maps Adds Incognito Mode To iOS And Bulk Timeline Delete Locations For Android

    In the last couple of months, Google has unveiled a flurry of new privacy control features and options for Google Maps.

    Apple Now Shows Black Lives Matter DC Mural In Its Maps App

    Apple has updated its Maps app to show the new Black Lives Matter street mural in Washington, DC. The...

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