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    New Apple Maps Offers Better Road Coverage And More Accurate Directions

    Apple Maps just announced that they're rolling out a new redesigned, version of their Maps app to all users in the United...

    Coronavirus Map: Track The Spread In Real Time

    There's a map that lets you track the Coronavirus spread in real time. It's an interactive map that offers...

    NYC Department Of Buildings Unveils Real-Time Map Of After-Hours Construction Work

    NYC's Department of Buildings just announced the launch of a new interactive that shows after-hours construction work in real time.

    Waymo Is 3D-Mapping LA

    Waymo is stepping up its efforts to bring self-driving cars to market. The Alphabet-owned autonomous vehicle company announced on Monday that it...

    How To Track Packages With Google Maps

    You can now track packages sent to you from anywhere in the world using Google Maps. ...

    Apex Legends Season 3 Map: World’s Edge

    Apex Legends has a new map for season 3 called World's Edge, which the company describes as a place where "where molten...

    Google Maps Adds Plus Codes So You Can Easily Share Your Location Without An Address

    Google Maps has announced that they've added new feature that allows you to easily share your location without an address. It's particularly...

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