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    Google Maps Adds Incognito Mode To iOS And Bulk Timeline Delete Locations For Android

    In the last couple of months, Google has unveiled a flurry of new privacy control features and options for Google Maps.

    To further enhance user privacy across all its products, Google is finally bringing Incognito Mode to iOS, and it’s also adding a new feature that allows you to bulk delete locations in the timeline tool.

    Google says Incognito mode works the same way as it does on Android. So if you enable incognito mode in Google Maps for iOS, the locations you search for and navigate to won’t be saved to your account. Also, while in incognito mode, you will not have access to personalized features such as restaurant recommendations and offline maps, among many others.

    You can learn how Google Maps Incognito Mode works here.

    The Google Maps Timeline is a tool that help you remember the places you’ve been to and the routes you’ve traveled. The Timeline tool has always allowed users to delete saved locations either automatically or manually on the web.

    The new feature essentially builds on the ability to auto-delete locations from your timeline that are older than 3 or 18 months. With Bulk Delete in Timeline, you will be able to select multiple locations from your timeline and then delete them all at once in one fell swoop.

    Google Maps Incognito mode for iOS is available starting today, while Bulk Delete arrives on Android next month, the tech giant announced in a blog post on Monday.

    Have you tried incognito mode on Google Maps for iOS? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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